As stated in Law No. 4691, Incubation Center (Incubator) is defined as structures where office services, equipment support, management support, access to financial resources, critical business and technical support services are provided under a single roof to entrepreneurs and their companies in order to develop young and new enterprises.

There are approximately 20 offices in the Management and Incubation Center of Cukurova Technopark. Incubation companies benefit from a rent privilege and are charged ¼ of the regular rent paid per square meter by the other companies. Consultancy is provided on incorporation and commercialization.

CORPORATE TAX PRIVILEGE : The income generated by the companies operating in Cukurova Technopark via their software and R&D activities are exempt from income and corporate tax until 31.12.2023.
EXCLUSION OF VALUE ADDED TAX (VAT): During the period when the earnings of entrepreneurs in Cukurova Technopark are exempt from income and corporate tax, the services they produce in these regions that are in the form of application software are exempt from Value Added Tax.

EXEMPTION OF THE EMPLOYEE STAFF: The salaries of the researchers, software developers and R&D personnel employed by the entrepreneur companies in Çukurova Technopark. are exempt from income tax until 31.12.2023.

PAYMENT SUPPORT OF EMPLOYEE PERSONNEL: Half of the employer's share of insurance premium calculated over the wages of the personnel working in companies operating in Cukurova Technopark is paid from the budget of the Ministry of Finance until 31.12.2023.

FUNDAMENTAL SCIENCES SUPPORT: The monthly gross amount of the minimum wage paid by Cukurova Technopark’s companies to the R&D personnel with at least a bachelor's degree in a science field is covered by the Ministry's budget for two years.

ADVANTAGE OF HIRING FOREIGN NATIONAL STAFF: Firms in Cukurova Technopark may employ foreign national managers and R&D / software personnel.
CUSTOMS TAX EXEMPTION: All companies engaged in research activities related to software, R&D, innovation and design projects conducted within the scope of Law No. 4691 in Technology Development Zones can benefit from customs duty exemption.

VAT EXEMPTION FOR R &D COMPANIES ON MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT: New machinery and equipment purchases made by companies engaged in R&D, innovation and design activities are exempt from VAT.