As stated in Law No. 4691, Incubation Center (Incubator): Especially in order to develop young and new businesses; expressed as structures where office services, equipment support, management support, access to financial resources, critical business and technical support services are provided under one roof to entrepreneurial companies.

There are approximately 20 offices in the Management and Incubation Center in Cukurova Technology Development Zone. Incubation companies are paid ¼ of the fee paid per m² of the fee received from other companies as a privilege. Consultancy on incorporation and commercialization is provided.

CORPORATE TAX PRIVILEGE: Profits of the companies operating in Cukurova Technopark from the software and R&D activities they will develop and produce in the region are exempt from income and corporate tax until 31.12.2023.

VALUE ADDED TAX (VAT) EXCEPTION: During the period when the earnings of the entrepreneurs in the Technology Development Zone are exempt from income or corporate tax, the deliveries and services produced in these zones and in the form of application software are exempt from Value Added Tax.

EXEMPTION OF THE EMPLOYEE STAFF: The salaries of researchers, software developers, and R&D personnel working in the region of income taxpayers operating in Technopark are exempt from income tax until 31.12.2023.

VAT EXEMPTION ON MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT TO R&D COMPANIES: The purchases of new machinery and equipment to be used exclusively by companies engaged in R&D, innovation and design activities are exempt from VAT.

EEN OFFICE: EEN is the most fundamental tool serving the European Union's strategy to increase growth and employment and it functions as the interface of the European Union providing services to SMEs.