The audit responsibility of the tax exemption declarations of companies operating in the zone ; The Ministry of Finance is the General Directorate of Revenues and the relevant tax office. General considerations regarding tax auditing are valid for activities in the region.

In order for companies accepted to Cukurova Technopark to operate within the scope of the Technology Development Zones Law numbered 4691, within 10 days after moving to the office area allocated to them, the workplace registration record, SSI workplace registration, attendance voucher and a copy of the tax office's document regarding the registration of obligation, information of the personnel who will benefit from the exemptions provided within the scope of the law (CV, job descriptions, starting dates, SSI recruitment declarations) and other personnel information outside the scope of the law exemptions numbered 4691 (identity information, starting date, job description, SSI recruitment declaration ) It must be delivered to Technopark A.S.

Companies are not obliged to cooperate with Cukurova University or any other university. However, it should be noted that the main purpose of the establishment of the region is to strengthen university-industry cooperation in research and technology development projects.

Information of newly recruited personnel who benefit from the exemptions provided under Law No.4691 (CVs, job descriptions, starting dates, total exemption period under Law No.4691, SSI recruitment declarations) and information of newly recruited personnel outside the scope of Law No.4691 (name surname, starting date, job description at work, SSI recruitment declaration) within 10 days Technopark Management A.S. must be reported to. Any changes in personnel information for any reason, including dismissal / dismissal or changes in job descriptions for existing personnel, will be made within 10 days to Technopark Management A.S must be reported to.  Employee Personnel Information Forms, which contain information about the R&D personnel employed by companies within the scope of the law numbered 4691 (name, surname, SSI registration number, profession, code of the project, task in the project, periods of exemption), are regularly sent to Technopark Management A.S  and submitted to the tax office in the attachment of the Withholding Declaration.

By filling the activity monitoring forms, which are given detailed information about the activities carried out in Technopark notifications, the companies will be able to fill out the activity monitoring forms quarterly (1st Period until April 15, 2nd Period until July 15, 3rd Period until October 15, 4th Period 15 Until January) Technopark Management A.S should forward.

Foreign-national managers and qualified R&D personnel may be employed in the Zone within the framework of the Foreign Capital Incentive Law No. 6224 and the provisions of the relevant legislation. In addition, the personnel of public institutions and organizations who need their services as research personnel in the activities in the region can be employed on a permanent or part-time basis with the permission of the organizations they work with.

The headquarters of the company does not have to be in the region. However, the R&D and software office in the region must be a "workplace" according to the Turkish Commercial Code.
For companies whose headquarters are not located within the provincial boundaries of Adana, regional offices must be branches to fulfill this condition.