Intellectual And Industrial Property Rights


As Cukurova Technopark, the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights and Licensing Services Module in our TTO unit carries out the following activities;

For all academic and administrative staff and students in Cukurova University, in accordance with the provisions of the "Industrial Property Law" numbered 6769 and the "Regulation on Inventions of Employees, Inventions Made in Higher Education Institutions and Inventions Emerged in Publicly Supported Projects" numbered 30195,

§Developing a strategy on Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, determining and implementing a roadmap,

§Organizing trainings, seminars and conferences that will create awareness about Intellectual Property,

§Establishing incentive systems for researchers at Cukurova University to make inventions and protect their inventions by registering them,

§Preparation of the preliminary evaluation report showing the commercialization potential of the inventions realized within Cukurova University, in partnership and in cases where its infrastructure is used,

§Carrying out decision-making processes on the right ownership of inventions with commercialization potential,

§Management of application and registration processes of inventions,

§Ensuring that registered inventions are transformed into an economic value within the scope of commercialization activities,

§Carrying out studies to keep the intellectual and industrial property legislation up to date,

§  Keeping and reporting statistics on intellectual and industrial property rights applications and registrations,

§Informing the inventors about the "Intellectual Property" based incentives and grants offered by the public and/or private sector.


Consultancy of Brand, Patent and Design (Patent Module)

     §As Cukurova Technopark, consultancy service regarding the management of preliminary research, application and document processes in the execution of Trademark, Patent and Design registration processes,

Services of Branding and Corporate Identity Creation (Communication Module)

       §Corporate logo design,

       §Corporate e-mail,

       §Creating of corporate identity / culture,

       §Consultancy of management and organization,

       §Brand management,


       §Communication (internal communication - customer relations)

       §Business model design, 

       §Team management and leadership,

       §Human resources management,

       §Performance, career management,

Social Media Consultancy

       §Process management of creation blue tick,

Patent Valuation (Patent Module – In Firdevs Patent Partnership)

      §With the Patent Valuation Service we have provided as Cukurova Technopark, you can obtain concrete and comparable data and values about the market status of your registered patents.

Intellectual Property Training (Patent Module – In Firdevs Patent Partnership)

      §Patent Processes and Industrial Property Rights Training,

      §Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Awareness Trainings,

      §Intellectual and Industrial Property Specialization Training,

      §Patent and Trademark Attorney Preparatory Training.