Digital Creative Industries


In the Digital FabLab located in Cukurova Technology Development Zone, there are 10 computers and 10 Wacom brand drawing tablets on which the Blender Graphic Design Program and Toon Boom Harmony programs, that are actively used in the game, animation and cartoon sectors, are installed. Trainings and events are organized in order to provide employment for the needs of the academy and the sector by using the infrastructure facilities of the Cukurova Technology Development Zone. Students of Cukurova University and Adana Alparslan Turkes Science and Technology University can benefit from the facilities in the Digital FabLab free of charge if they make an appointment.


Film production equipment, with the strong technology infrastructure of Cukurova Technology Development Zone, is served to digital video content producers and the cinema industry in order to ensure the production and dissemination of original cinema, social media, digital video and promotional film contents in Cukurova Region.

You can find the rental prices of the equipment here.


Cukurova Technology Development Zone provides introductory film, commercial film, event video, social media video shooting services with its high-tech infrastructure film equipment and editing-montage facilities.

Cukurova Technology Development Zone, besides taking photos of events, factories and products, also takes photos of catalogs for product catalogues.