Within the scope of 1514 Tech-InvesTR Program, BV Fellows program applications are open!

Within the scope of 1514 Tech-InvesTR Program, BV Fellows program applications are open!


Within the scope of the 1514 Tech-InvesTR program, the applications for the BV Fellows program, maintained by the Boğaziçi Ventures investment fund, which makes technology investments from the seed stage to the Pre-IPO stage, in partnership with Cukurova Technopark, are open! You can apply to the BV Fellows program, which includes workshops as well as deep basic VC training and mentoring support, which will be given to investor/entrepreneur candidates for a period of 6 months, from the link!


Become a part of the world of technology and entrepreneurship by being involved in the Startup Ecosystem and Venture Capital processes for 6 months with the BV Fellows program!

BV Fellows is a program initiated by Boğaziçi Ventures and includes support to be given to entrepreneur candidates for a period of 6 months. In addition to deep basic VC trainings and mentoring support to be given to entrepreneurs within the scope of the program, experiential studies are also planned. Program participants, who will be provided with applied investment committee simulations and network support, will start an important journey with Boğaziçi Ventures. As Boğaziçi Ventures, we believe in embarking on a new journey with every company we invest in and taking risks with their founders and we add unique value as an investment partner at the very beginning of their journey. In line with this mission, the BV Fellows program is being implemented in 2022.

What Awaits Fellows?

The BV Fellows Program is a 6-month program that includes more than 40 hours of training and webinars, 10 separate workshops and 1 final presentation. We expect fellows to devote 20 hours a month to us. And then you will be with us at networking events.

How Many Fellows Are We Expecting?

This year, 20 Fellows will have the opportunity to join the BV Fellows Program to build deep relationships with Venture Capital partners and professionals.

Who Can Become a Fellow?

Entrepreneurs with original ideas

Self-starters, analytical and ambitious thinkers with outliers and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team are the best candidates to become BV Fellows.

Curious Entrepreneur Candidates

BV Fellows are for those who are constantly inquiring and seeking in-depth knowledge. We expect fellow candidates to follow the latest technology trends to gain insight into the scope of future technologies.

Leader Spirits

Every entrepreneur is actually a candidate for leader. And BV Fellows are for leaders. We are looking for people who can take the initiative to improve and like to hold themselves to the highest standards.

Modest and Communicative

We want to understand the world with new eyes every day. Modesty and being able to communicate well with different profiles is a necessity for the process.

University students

Anyone who is studying in the 3rd and 4th grades of engineering, economics, business and similar departments of universities or newly graduated from these departments can participate in the BV Fellows Program.

Why Should You Apply for the BV Fellows Program?

·         Hands-on Experience

Opportunity to gain experience in all areas of the Venture Capital sector

·         Networking and mentoring

Opportunity to work with our fund manager partners, team leaders and iconic start-up founders

·         Community Access

Opportunity to meet with a community of venture financier, entrepreneurs and investors

·         Job Opportunity

Opportunity to be directly involved in full-time job opportunities at BV or at our portfolio companies without pre-assessment

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