Ornamental plants produced in Cukurova Technopark will be sold in Ikea (Cukurova Technopark in the Press)

Ornamental plants produced in Cukurova Technopark will be sold in Ikea (Cukurova Technopark in the Press)


Cukurova Technopark General Manager Osman Kara stated that within the scope of the Agriculture Innovation and Excellence Center Project, they will produce ornamental plants with the entrepreneurial capital of YK Flowers and these ornamental plants will be offered for sale in the global furniture company Ikea. Kara announced that the 3-year protocol signed between YK Flowers, which they partnered with, and Ikea, includes a supply of approximately 15 million Euros.

Osman Kara stated that as Cukurova Technopark, they have developed projects in three main areas: 'agriculture', 'health', 'digital transformation and creative sectors'. Kara said, "At first, we created the Cukurova Technopark Agriculture Innovation and Excellence Center Project, a project with a campus of more than 70 thousand square meters and an application area of ​​70 thousand square meters. The project has four sub-modules: plant science, animal husbandry, food safety certification and analysis, medicinal aromatic plants and essential oil technologies. Among them, we implemented the plant science, ornamental plants and biotechnology center module.”

“We will prevent 60 million dollars of imports”

Osman Kara explained that in August 2021, an investment of approximately 40 million TRY was made, consisting of two phases, with a joint venture between private sector venture capital and Technopark. Kara gave the information that, “The first phase started in September 2021 and we expect it to get involved in June this year. This work will begin with an investment of approximately 20 million liras. We will have activated the second phase between 2023 and 2025.” Kara said the following about the goals of the project: “Our aim is to provide the need for quality seedlings and the production of ornamental plants by tissue culture and biotechnological methods in the ornamental plants sector in Turkey, and to put them at the service of the sector. We aim to bring this business to a contracted agricultural capacity of 500 thousand square meters in the next 10 years. We prioritize rural-oriented projects and aim to increase the economic welfare of the 18 age group, women entrepreneurs and producers through contract agriculture. We have the goal of exporting the seedlings and products produced here, not only domestically but also abroad. According to the data of 2020-2021, we aim to prevent the import of ornamental plants of approximately 60 million dollars.”

Emphasizing that they are working together as a joint venture with YK Flowers company in the project, Osman Kara said, "They are private sector venture capital, and we share both technological opportunities and know-how with them." Expressing that YK Flowers has partnered with Ikea, Kara said, “A three-year purchasing protocol has been signed to ensure the export of the seedlings and other products we will produce here. We will be a kind of supplier of Ikea in Cukurova. We foresee a supply of 15 million Euros in three years.”

“We will introduce rural children to technology”

Mentioning the other works of Cukurova Technopark, Osman Kara said that they prepared a 'Techno-truck' project in order to introduce technology to rural people. Kara said, “We want to explain technology to children, young people and people in rural areas where there is a lack of technology. The truck will have equipment to develop the technological vision, such as computers with virtual glasses, motion captures, space astronaut suits, robot experiences, and will serve as a kind of education. We are currently conceptualizing the project, we will try to activate it this year, but we are trying to overcome financial problems, we are looking for sponsors.”

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