"Cukurova Technopark offers its scientific and technological infrastructure to the entrepreneurship ecosystem" Dünya Newspaper, July 2022


"Cukurova Technopark offers its scientific and technological infrastructure to the entrepreneurship ecosystem"

Cukurova Technopark was established on May 17, 2005 under the name of Cukurova Technology Development Zone Executive Inc. Its partners are Cukurova University, Adana Chamber of Commerce, Adana Alparslan Turkes Science and Technology University, Directorate of Adana Hacı Sabancı OIZ, Adana Chamber of Industry and Temsa. Cukurova Technopark is a strategic institution that adopts a competitive and synergetic approach focused on economic value production with research and development activities for university-industry cooperation in the region. The University and Technopark create added value with its expert human resources, scientific and technological infrastructure opportunities, and over 130 R&D companies. Cukurova Technopark, with its pioneering and leading position in the regional entrepreneurship ecosystem, offers spaces with scientific and technological infrastructure to the service of entrepreneurs in the processes of maturing the ideas of entrepreneurs, realizing innovative and technology-oriented projects with high commercial potential, and transforming them into international competitive studies.


Currently, 141 companies, 117 of which are R&D companies and 24 of which are incubation companies, are operating in Cukurova Technopark, while 97 companies are waiting in line to take part in Technopark. Searching for solutions in the face of the intense interest of the enterprises, Cukurova Technopark had an agreement by negotiating to transform its centrally located building in the city center into an incubation center with the relocation of Adana Chamber of Commerce. Cukurova Technopark, which opened its first overseas office in Berlin, continues its efforts to open San Francisco, London and Dubai offices in 2022.

The Technology Development Zones Performance Index Report, which is obtained by entering the previous year's data on the Ministry of Industry and Technology portal at the end of May every year, has been completed for 2021 and uploaded to the system. When the data for 2021 are analyzed, significant increases and positive trends draw attention compared to previous years. Cukurova Technopark's work objectives and strategies and outputs for development actions seem to be crowned with these concrete data. According to the 2021 Technology Development Zones Performance Index Report of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Cukurova Technopark companies achieved a 227 percent increase in their total turnover. Domestic R&D revenues increased by 250 percent, sales by incubators increased by 715 percent, and the amount of early stage funds and entrepreneurship support earned by incubators increased by 93 percent. While the corporate tax exemptions of Technopark companies increased by 119 percent, the increases in the VAT exemptions of companies reached 190 percent. The number of R&D and design personnel, who provided significant support in the creation of this success rate, increased from 212 to 536, showing a growth of 153 percent. The personnel SSI exemptions of the companies increased by 329 percent. The fractional increase in income tax exemption of R&D and support personnel was measured as 470 percent. The number of Academic spin-off companies operating in Cukurova Technopark is 33.

Cukurova Technopark supports and guides companies from different sectors such as software, machinery, chemistry, agriculture, energy, biotechnology, and medical technologies and new generation technologies based on innovation, such as smart agriculture, smart health, energy and manufacturing industry software, and the internet of things, with short-medium and long-term strategic roadmaps. Digital creative sectors such as graphics, animation, movies and games are also among the areas its focuses on. Behind the business plans, there are research models that include the determination of high value-added products that are not produced in our country and region, revealing production technologies, and technology transfer processes after feasibility studies. This strategic model serves the goal of commercializing the priority needs of the region with advanced technologies, which benefits rural development starting from the producers of the region. Cukurova Technopark's production concept that will relieve the country's economy and growing employment rates also point to its active role in the future of the region.


Cukurova Technopark also creates differences in the region in the field of projects. Cukurova Technopark, which successfully carried out Adana Entrepreneurship Center (AGM), the first Program to Support Attractions (CMDP) project of Adana, has completed many different projects within the body of United Nations organizations and AGM. Lastly, Cukurova Technopark, which was entitled the support of the ICMPD Turkey Enhancer Project Local Common Use Facilities Grant Program, will organize activities and events that will contribute to the development of the regional entrepreneurship ecosystem by strengthening the AGM infrastructure with this project. After the Innovation Centers project, which was previously carried out in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers, supported and successfully completed by UNDP, Cukurova Technopark now aims to take the regional entrepreneurship ecosystem to further dimensions within the scope of the Seeco project with the PWC consortium.


Within the scope of TÜBİTAK 1512 Entrepreneurship Support Program, Bigg4tech program, which is carried out with Sabancı University Inovent, Bursa Uludağ TTO and Namık Kemal Tachnopark, trainings and programs are organized and mentorship is provided to entrepreneurs with technology-based business ideas with 450 thousand TRY grant support. Within the scope of TÜBİTAK 1514 Tech-InvesTR Venture Capital Support Program, early stage technology-based venture companies are supported by Gedik Portfolio Management, Boğaziçi Ventures and Ankara Technopark consortium. Cukurova Technopark, a member of the Eastern Mediterranean Consortium of the COSME program, was entitled to receive support within the next three years of the European Union project carried out to provide international commercial and technology cooperation and consultancy services for the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises in the region. The Cukurova Agriculture Innovation and Excellence Center project, which consists of four modules: Animal Science Module, Plant Module, Food Safety Analysis and Certification Module, Medicinal Aromatic Plants and Essential Oil Technologies Module, continues without slowing down.


Numerous projects prepared by Cukurova Technopark to carry out together with UN organizations such as WFP, IOM, UNICEF, UN WOMEN will be implemented in a short time. Cukurova Technopark, which has been in intensive negotiations with defense industry organizations throughout the year, has reached agreements on cooperation.


Approximately 700 thousand people visited the Cukurova Technopark stand, the institution that represented Adana for the first time in the Teknofest organization held in Istanbul in September 2021. In the organization where the teams Cukurova Technopark sponsored achieved great success, the Minister of Family and Social Services, Ms. Derya Yanık also visited the Cukurova Technopark stand. By evaluating the interest and curiosity of children in technology at Teknofest, the 23 April organization of the Ministry of Family and Social Services was held for the first time in Cukurova Technopark as "Techno Children's Day" with the concept of technology and children. It is planned to organize this organization every year, where approximately 1500 children meet with technology while having fun.

Cukurova Technopark, which is among the collaborations by signing protocols with many institutions and organizations, and within the scope of the protocol signed with Adana Provincial Directorate of National Education, 1940 students and teachers from 82 schools in Adana and its districts visited the Technopark. Infrastructure opportunities and projects that will jointly developed were discussed during the visits. In this context, studies were carried out for many schools to apply to Teknofest and similar programs and to use the Technopark infrastructure.

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