The decision of the Council of Ministers regarding Cukurova Technology Development Zone (Cukurova Technopark) was published in the Official Gazette No. 25525 on 17.07.2004 and entered into force the same day. Cukurova Technology Development Zone Executive Inc. (Cukurova Technopark Inc.) was established on 17.05.2005. The purpose in the establishment of Cukurova Technopark is to create more research opportunities by providing more effective university-industry cooperation in our region, and to contribute to the creation of a synergy between the university and industry by presenting them to companies that develop and produce technologies that will increase the competitiveness of the university's advanced manpower and infrastructure opportunities in order to transform the researches into economic value.

Cukurova Technopark consists of the Technology Transfer Office, Adana Entrepreneurship Center, Chemistry Valley, Incubation Center, Patent Office, and Enterprise Europe Network Eastern Mediterranean Office as units as well as over 100 R&D Firms.

Cukurova Technopark has a total area of ​​834,904 m². It continues its activities in an indoor area of ​​7.920 m² in A and B building blocks. The total area of ​​the Management and Incubation Center building, whose construction has been completed, is 5,934 m². There are several offices ranging from 20-125 m². Cukurova Technopark has an R&D building of more than 1,000 m² built with the Build-Operate-Transfer model and a 20,000 m² greenhouse space built for agricultural R&D activities. There are also 30-person training halls and a 200-person conference hall with fiber optic internet infrastructure, allowing also for presentations with smart boards.